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“Vienna, Vienna, you alone will always be the city of my dreams.” The famous song puts into words the beauty of Viennese gardens! Who does not love a nice stroll in the garden or the fresh fragrance of roses? Did you know that almost half of Vienna is dedicated to green spaces? We have prepared a list with the Top 5 magnificent gardens which you definitely can not miss! Join us to experience this floral journey together in a unique way – with our virtual reality glasses.


Do you enjoy romantic surroundings? Is the fragrance of roses your favourite scent? You can’t miss Volksgarten then! Most famous for its beautiful rose garden, here you can walk by more than 200 different varieties of roses. Volksgarten and Burggarten are both the gardens of the Imperial Palace and are included in the World Heritage sites list. A monument of Empress Sissi can also be found in the Volksgarten. While you are walking through Volksgarten, you will inevitably spot the neoclassical Theseus Temple – a smaller version of Athen’s Temple of Hephaestus. Curious to find out more? Book your ticket for our tour and we will explore the sights together in a special way!


The beauty of Burggarten is definitely unforgettable! Located in the first district of Vienna, Burggarten is a marvelous place to relax. Here you can also find The Butterfly House, considered one of the most beautiful art nouveau structures of its kind in the world. It houses hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies in a re-creation of their natural environment. In Burggarten you can take a relaxing walk or simply pass by to admire the Mozart Memorial. You can find the statue in the southwest part of the garden. Moreover, picnics are encouraged in this stunning paradise of history and nature combined!


If you are looking for a green oasis in the heart of Vienna, Stadtpark is the perfect place for you! Literally translated as “the city park”, at Stadtpark you can take a break from sightseeing, peacefully watch how ducks float lazily or just take a relaxing walk. Splitted in two parts by the river Wienfluss, Stadtpark is most famous for its various monuments and sculptures. The golden statue of Johann Strauss playing his violin it’s one the biggest tourist attractions of Vienna. You can also admire statues dedicated to the composers: Franz Schubert, Franz Lehar or Robert Stolz. Moreover, due to the diversity of the plants, in Stadtpark you can find the all year long beautiful blooming flowers.


Do you like cultural history as we do? Located in the second Viennese municipal district, Augarten is the oldest baroque garden in Vienna. Augarten is arranged in a French style. The garden offers not only magnificent flower landscapes, but also an extensive network of shady avenues – where you can relax reading on a bench on a sunny day. Besides the green area, Augarten impresses with its rich cultural past as well. Since the nineteenth century, Augarten has become a popular place for cultural events. The morning concerts in Castle Augarten were legendary, and the first one was conducted by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself!

Schönbrunn Palace Garden

Undoubtedly, we couldn’t miss this one! The Palace Garden in Schönbrunn is inseparably connected with the Schönbrunn Palace and the Gloriette. Here you can easily spend the whole day simply walking and enjoying the beauty of nature. Peaceful despite the large number of visitors, the park stretches across more than a square kilometre. You can walk through the Chamber Garden, visit the Desert House, take photos at the Palm House – which is the largest of its kind on the European continent, or visit the Botanical Garden with your friends. Other than the famous palace surrounded by the royal gardens, Schönbrunn gained importance because it established the world’s first zoo in 1752.

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