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Do you want to quench your thirst for knowledge and learn more about natural science? Perhaps it is the perfect time to visit the Natural History Museum of Vienna. NHM is the unique place where meteorites meet mammoths and molluscs! Home to 30 million objects from different time periods, the museum owns one of the largest and oldest meteorite collections in the world, alongside numerous rare fossils, corals and precious stones.

Located not far from Ringstrasse, Vienna’s Natural History Museum has them all, displayed in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings! When you reach Maria Theresia Platz, you will find two identical buildings on each side of the large square. The one with the elephant statue in front of it is the Natural History Museum, built in 1889. The museum was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph I and has an identical exterior as The Art History Museum. The architects Gottfried Semper and Carl Hasenauer designed the building. Its façade shows figures representing progress in the field of natural sciences.

What should you expect from a visit to the Natural History Museum in Vienna?

Once you step inside, you will discover more about the evolution of life and the cultural development of humankind. The museum presents an extensive collection covering biology, earth sciences, anthropology and archaeology. It also has one of the world’s oldest statues of a complete human figure – Venus von Willendorf, which is around 29,500 years old. Afterwards, you can see other top attractions of the Natural History Museum – prehistoric collection newly opened in 2015, and the Gold Cabinet with objects from across five millennia. Moreover, in the Meteorite Room, 1,100 rocks that fell from the sky are waiting for you! With the aid of a simulator, a powerful meteorite strike can be staged on the screen in 3D. This will certainly make your visit to the museum unforgettable! Are you ready to get an engaging and informative peek into the wonders and mysteries of nature?

What is the price to visit the Natural History Museum ?

The entry is relatively inexpensive for such a top museum. A standard adult ticket costs 12€, while kids have free entry! Moreover, if you take the guided tour of the roof of the Natural History Museum, you will admire a unique view of Vienna’s Old City and the Ringstrasse!

Visit the Natural History Museum Vienna website here- https://www.nhm-wien.ac.at/en
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Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria